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Teaching Philosophy

Being an inspiration and role model to students is fundamental in my teaching philosophy. My students will leave with confidence and an increased range of motion. A deeper understanding of improvisational techniques to get their creative minds working will ignite them to dance from their souls. Students will leave class knowing their peers and being able to articulate their thoughts in reflection. To start, simple partner improvisational exercises create trust and community in a classroom. It is encouraged in my class to cheer one another on for moral support and continuously observe each other to learn. Students will focus on their transitions in between every move. This will help them get an increased range of motion and understanding of how to move from one move to the next. Students will leave my classroom feeling pushed to their limits and with a smile on their face. Keeping a light-hearted and incorporating humor into my classroom is important to me. I will give corrections and critiques but in an encouraging way. 

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